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We are Behind The Lines.

Behind the lines is a learning and development consultancy. Whether you need innovative training workshops or support to develop a knowledge-sharing culture across your organisation, call us.

Executive Education

Senior leaders with a strong business education can add the greatest value to their organisation. Our executive education workshops introduce the latest business thinking to help your key people assess their specific situations and implement the best solutions for your company. 


Management Training

Learning how to manage through trial and error is costly and can cause a lot of pain for everyone. Our management training programme will take new and senior managers through scenarios and case studies to help them find the best tools to manage staff, workflow and financial responsibilities. 


Sales Training

We design and deliver sales training at all levels, from new starters to senior people who want to try new approaches. Our background in sales is essential to offering realistic ideas that increase revenues. Our library of resources for use internally ensures that you get the best value for your training budget.


Talent development strategy

We design competencies based systems that help you to develop a motivated and happy workforce.  Clarity and clear goals supported by exceptional management give you clear succession plans and help you to retain your top talent

Moderators and facilitators

Our expert moderators are invaluable in critical meetings; we help to break down cultural and personal barriers that stop a group achieving its aims and keep your key meetings to time and on topic. Click on the explore button for ideas to get the most from your meetings.


Performance management

Aligning your workforce skills with the organisation's goals can be complex. We can help to ensure your workforce has the skills to compete in fast changing environments and help you to plan for the future.

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