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3 Practical time management tips

A traditional Chinese proverb says that if you eat a live frog every morning, nothing worse can happen to you that day. Not exactly a joyful edict to live by, but it does highlight a key to time management – do the stuff you are avoiding first.

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Let's eat grandad

Good grammar saves lives. A simple comma added to the headline above, for instance, rescued an elderly gent from the prospect of family cannibalism. It should read,Let’s eat, Grandad. This ten question grammar test will help you to spot any weaknesses and put them right. 

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An exercise in time management

This is a 10-15 minute exercise. Read the scenario and see if you can identify where Chris is going wrong and possible solutions to help his overworked state. Then have a look at the ‘notes’ section to see if you have picked up on the commonest causes of time pressure as well as some tips to help.

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Managing new managers

I love Germany. I love the people, the country and the language that gives the world a word for ‘the feeling of being alone in the woods’ – waldeinsamkeit.  

Managing people for the first time gave me my first taste of waldeinsamkeit. My beer mates from before my promotion were now my staff and they were looking to me for leadership.

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Seven tips for effective conference calling

In my sector, operations teams or account management staff are usually the ones in charge of delivery to a client once the sales people have danced off into the sunset clutching their commission cheques.

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Designing a high performance team

Just take a quick peek at your team right now. When you look over your PC screen are you looking at a team who manage themselves with lashings of initiative, who develop their own skills and strategies and are brimming over with common sense? If not, then don’t worry you’re not alone and Ruth Wageman may have the answer.

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