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In Satya Nadella’s book, Hit refresh, he talks about getting all the senior execs of Microsoft into a room to talk about themselves and really understand the personal beliefs and values that drive each other so that they can build a shared future. Inspiring stuff, but when the facilitator asked who wanted to go first there was silence.

Because it’s human to be afraid of going first, even if you’re a Microsoft senior executive.

It’s made me ask myself, ‘what am I so afraid of,’ and when I spend time really thinking about it there are an awful lot of answers.

I’m not going to share them all here with you – I’d still like some of you to hire me again - but I will remind myself of three obvious but painfully recurring things I’ve learned:

  1. Fear is my biggest enemy when I’m starting new things and I need to think deeply about what I’m scared of before I can overcome the fear.
  2. There is always time to think -  I can turn off the car radio or laptop. I need some time to be silent and let thoughts float about a bit. Amazing things pop into consciousness.
  3. It’s OK to mess up but it’s also embarrassing sometimes. Hang tough and see point 1.

So, that’s my first blog written and if you’re about to start something new, big or small, I hope you too, have the courage to risk making mistakes and see where the road takes you.

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