Look again

What is it you think you are seeing here? I know what I first thought, and my biases kicked in quickly to filter how I felt about it (liberal, for those who don’t know me).

I was very wrong in my first assessment of what I was seeing and like that brilliant 1986 Points of view ad from the Guardian it has really made me think about how our assumptions affect the decisions we make in business.

We always bring our biases with us and whether they are good or bad, they get in the way of making good judgements because they stop us from examining more diverse views particularly when they’re from people we don’t agree with.

Business in 2018 requires managers who can see the emerging threats and opportunities to the organisation. New technology, competitors, collaborative working, global networks… are all challenging us to rethink what is best for our business and how to manage the changes successfully.

The new management skills are all about:

  1.  Understanding what is impacting our world from inside and outside our department or silo.
  2.  Using self-analysis to evaluate our impact on events
  3. Analysing situations and possible remedies thoroughly
  4. Developing adaptive leadership skills and avoiding the fallacy that there is always ‘one best way’ to solve a management issue.

I’ve teamed up with Olivia Gadd from Artful Associates to develop a new approach to management training appropriate to the challenges of 2018 and beyond. We want to support smarter, more savvy leaders who can take the most useful ideas from executive education and apply them practically to improve their business.

It’s all about looking again at what you thought you were sure of.

Oh, and what you’re looking at in the picture is power lineman J. D. Thompson giving mouth to mouth resuscitation after his co-worker was hit by 40,000 volts. He survived.

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