Remote working - The Rules

Times of crisis require Command and Control Leadership. These are the Rules of remote working and they are non-negotiable, people!

1.   Emails are the new landmines - treat them as the hidden danger lurking behind the welcome screen and don't get your day blown up by:

FYI's - There is so much information whizzing around that every email needs a good subject line, a purpose and a clear explanation of what to do next with it and it should be brief. FYI's are nearly always pointless, a bit like saying, "Hey I thought I'd waste your time showing pictures of my dog, Snowy with elderly relatives at my sister's wedding" Not needed - delete!

Reply All - was once a cute (and occasionally hilarious) error is now punishable to fullest extent available to you. If there's no answer to the, 'why me' question. Take extreme action

Use the right tool for the job. Discussion and complex collaboration belong on a call. Just because it's in someone's head doesn't mean it needs to be on an email.

2.   The 'To Do' list was always just a list of potential failures and missed deadlines. Now it's a scrolling time-bomb and the last one you get to by around 4sih will be, 'For the love of God call the client before 9am whatever else you do today...' Plan your time ahead rather than ticking off the list after the fact.

3.   Set aside the time to talk, with the video on and a coffee in hand. Talk about the kids, life on lock-down, yes even Snowy the dog. We can't see or touch each other just now and we're missing the social clues, the banter and reassurances that we usually exchange hundreds of times, they underpin trust. A team is a group of people who need each other to achieve a shared goal and when there's no trust team work is almost impossible. So where do you find the time for this touchy-feely stuff? By following the other rules of course - try to keep up.

Stay safe out there



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