A development programme for a changing world.

Future Leaders

This programme focuses on the skills needed to manage in disruptive, fast moving environments where opportunities and threats emerge unexpectedly, demanding confidence and adaptive management skills.

We will equip your leaders to achieve the best outcomes by:

  • encouraging them to evaluate options and develop their own best practice
    in management.
  • actively bringing new ideas from outside the organisation and solve problems through collaboration.
  • developing adaptive leadership skills.

The cost of hiring new talent is as much as 100% of current salary according to the SHRM1. Add to this the time taken to recruit and lost productivity while staff become proficient in role and the costs can be onerous.

Nurturing your best people saves money, motivates employees to invest their future careers in you and improves performance across the business.

Our approach

Our practical approach asks attendees to evaluate solutions to case studies as well as real-life scenarios and develop effective plans that will work. They use deep personal insights and the best current business education to develop a considered approach to their management practice.

We offer different perspectives on how to solve management problems, avoiding the fallacy that there is one best solution.

Attendees will work collaboratively throughout the programme, using real challenges from your business.

By bringing their diverse experience and thinking they will develop a strong team-dynamic and improved solutions.

Suitable for

Leaders of teams and business units who have been identified as having potential for senior leadership.


Each programme is tailored for your specific needs, including the format that best suits your team.

For some organisations, a deep-dive programme is ideal, where the delegates step out of the business for an immersive experience. This is particularly useful where individuals are not co-located for the usual work.

For others, a monthly classroom session and structured action-learning activities can be highly effective – this is particularly impactful where the delegates work as a team and are looking to establish new working practices.

Programme Format

  • Option 1: Immersive

    This is a 3-day immersive programme of intensive learning. It gives attendees the opportunity to think deeply about specific management topics away from their day to day routine.

    Every attendee will present tangible plans to improve performance at the end of the course.

  • Option 2: Action Learning

    Six half-day sessions are delivered over a 6-month period. Attendees apply their learning from the sessions and collaborate with other managers to develop plans for the future of their teams.

    Action learning encourages applied learning, reflection and continuing development.

  • Post Course Work

    In the action learning format, delegates complete assignments related to their day-to-day work between the sessions. Implementing what they have learned and enabling continuous development.

    In the immersive format, project work is undertaken during the programme, and it can be beneficial to identify specific ongoing projects to extend the learning.

    Executive coaching packages are available to complement the programme and offer ongoing individual development.

Programme structure

Session 1: Defining your management practice

We examine the links between leadership, work culture and the performance of the workforce. Attendees will evaluate what management best practice means and gain personal insights into their style and how it affects the performance of those around them.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • be able to analyse the issues that affect their team’s performance.
  • understand their style of management when under stress.
  • start to create a personal best practice plan for management..


Session 2: Understanding the organisational context

Good managers create clear plans and implement them effectively, great managers align them with the corporate goals and culture and create excitement through their vision. This session explores how managers affect culture positively to create the best outcomes.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • gain insights into different organisational structures and systems and how they are managed.
  • understand the importance of an aligned culture.
  • evaluate where improvements to their internal culture can have operational impact.

Session 3: Management communication

Using insights into their own drivers and communication style, the attendees will learn a variety of approaches to management communication and how these can be used to achieve different outcomes.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • understand the different purposes of management communication, including affirmation, coaching, managing up and delegation.
  • confidently use a range of techniques to improve their feedback to colleagues.

Session 4: Developing a high-performance team

High performing teams are problem solvers, initiators and innovators. This session looks at how managers can develop these self-managing teams through empowerment and goal setting on an individual and team level.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • understand the dynamics of team management and how teams develop as they create their own culture.
  • know when and how to intervene to improve individual and team performance.
  • encourage motivation factors amongst staff to reduce their reliance on a manager for decision making.

Session 5: Adaptive leadership

Strong leaders adapt their previous experience and judgement to respond effectively to new situations. This session introduces the idea of leadership as dependent on the context; some situations demand urgent control and others participation and buy-in.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • understand their preferred leadership style(s) and its strengths and limitations.
  • be able to evaluate a situation and adapt their leadership style to produce the best outcomes.
  • respond thoughtfully and confidently to new situations.

Session 6: Review and implementation

Over the five sessions attendees will have carried out several evaluations of current working practices. The final session is a review by the attendees where they will present their analysis of a current situation and recommendations to improve it.

The topics and groups will be decided by the attendees, and senior managers will be invited to listen and offer feedback and guidance on how to implement these ideas.

Programme Leaders

Olivia and Melanie each run their own consultancies in different industries and have different management approaches. Together they draw on a vast and varied body of knowledge including the latest academic thinking and traditional models of management, all of which is evaluated against their own practical experience, working with some of the world’s most progressive companies.


Olivia Gadd

Olivia Gadd has worked as a communications and marketing director in major organisations; and has worked in consultancies working for local authorities, FTSE 100 companies and at a board level in not-for-profit organisations. A qualified marketer and executive coach, she brings a deep understanding of how big corporates develop their leaders.

“Too many of us have been on training programmes where hear about new thinking or work approaches, then return to work and forget them within weeks. This is expensive and frustrating.”

Call Olivia on 07919 372852

“Olivia excels when working with senior-level teams, enabling individuals to be at their best and the group to achieve brilliant results. Whilst her approach is
practical and down-to-earth, she encourages people to think about what really matters for the longer term. And she handles this with warmth, humour and an instinctive care for those around her.“

Ian Smart, National Board Director
Grant Thornton UK LLP

Melanie Roberts

Melanie Roberts’ background is in media and
technology and her experience has been in
entrepreneurial start-ups including launching her own businesses in recruitment and training. Her expertise includes sales and business planning.

“We challenge each other and our delegates to think creatively about all aspects of management and then apply their ideas to real work issues. This creates an opportunity for better learning – and for real behaviour change”

Call Melanie on 07971 597935

“Mel gives start-ups and growth businesses a great understanding of the challenges in creating the right the right company structure and culture… I would seriously recommend her sessions for
business leadership teams. They have provided the companies I’ve worked for with a great
understanding of where structural problems lie and where best to focus efforts to achieve long term success. “

Paul Cowin, Director, Media and Technology
Pulse Comms

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