Executive education

Senior leaders need to be strategic thinkers who can turn external market changes into opportunities for their organisation and opinion-formers who influence at an industry level and are respected for their expertise.

They also need to be adept managers who produce high performance throughout the workforce, ensuring that every part of the company is increasing its competitive advantage.

 Mel gives start-ups and growth businesses a great understanding of the challenges in creating the right the right company structure and culture. They are areas to easily overlook and undervalue, but have enormous impact. I would seriously recommend her sessions for business leadership teams. They have provided the companies I've worked for with a a great understanding of where structural problems lie and where best to focus efforts to achieve long term success.

Paul Cowin, Director 

Staying abreast of the latest business thinking can be a challenge for senior staff. The complexity and breadth of their role, coupled with the uniqueness of the issues they face makes it difficult to find time for training. The opportunities to network or read as widely  can also diminish as responsibilities grow.

Ironically, it's also the time when fresh thinking and new perspectives can be most valuable.

Our executive education programme offers you a tailored, flexible way to stand on the shoulders of the giants in classical business thinking and offers you new approaches and insights into the issues that senior leadership brings.

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