21st Century Sales

Sales training for the digital world

We train sales people to develop their influence and grow relationships by presenting intelligent options that help clients to achieve their goals.

Sales training
for the digital world

My teams are pitching better, asking better questions, feeling more confident and billing more revenue, what more can you ask?

Mark Rankine, Sales Director New Bay Media

We combine classical sales training with the needs of digital business to bring new skills and stronger results to your sales teams. 

Many companies are relying on email or CRM systems to build relationships. Golden opportunities are being missed in increasingly complex competitor landscapes.

Behind the Lines builds sales teams who produce results through their influence, expertise and integrity.

Sales Essentials

Rooted in classic sales skills, this course introduces a repeatable process focused on achieving revenue by learning how to question, match and close effectively, and handle objections.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to deliver the right sales points in a timely, concise and tempting way, all whilst maintaining a customer-centric approach to doing business.

Intermediate sales skills

Designed to stretch and develop staff who have been selling for some time, this is a practical session aimed at expanding horizons and refreshing delivery.  

Delegates will come away with renewed enthusiasm and creative approaches to unlocking new revenue. They will also have an elevator pitch that sets them apart from the competition.

Closing the deal

Strong closing depends on a solid sales process leading to the close. A refusal or objection is usually due to the sales person not understanding the clients needs well enough or failing to propose the right solution.

This course focuses on the parts of the sales process that lead to an mutually beneficial close and attendees will leave with the skills, energy and confidence to go out and ask for business.


Whether you're negotiating a peace deal, a house purchase or a sales proposal, each negotiation process relies on common elements of discovery and exchange.

This course explains the process and attendees will leave with a clear approach to preparing and then negotiate variables so that everyone achieves the best deal possible.

Advanced Negotiation

We cover more negotiation sophisticated strategies that can be employed to win more complex deals, longer term contracts and we look at negotiation at a more senior level.

Attendees will increase their understanding of the other parties position and interests and the tactics they use to shift the balance of power.

Presentation skills

Our presentation specialists run a series of courses at all levels designed to help you structure and deliver compelling messages over a variety of formats.

From webinar presentations to successful one to meetings, we can help attendees develop confidence and professionalism.

Running virtual meetings

New digital tools such as conference calls and virtual meetings require new skills for staff at all levels. 

This course offers practical help to control and contribute effectively to virtual meetings ensuring that key outcomes are met and that meetings run smoothly and to time.

Effective writing skills

Your investment in branding and all the hard work that goes into promoting a professional image can be undone by poorly written emails and proposals sent out by staff.

This course helps to assess individual weaknesses and offers ways to improve all areas of written communication. 

Developing your high performance accounts

Allocating the right resources and skills to the accounts that will pay off most is crucial to your business. This workshop helps you to identify who is critical to your business and who the leading clients of the future will be.

Attendees will leave with a clear strategy to influence key people in the most potentially lucrative accounts. 

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